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The second session of the latest BE:iT course for was held on 31st July. Ken Dickson spoke to an international group of participants on three subjects: The Market, Marketing Strategy and An Introduction to Financial Management. Each of these topics plus the other subjects discussed will help the would-be entrepreneurs think about what is needed to develop their businesses and to prepare business plans. If you would like Ken to speak on your courses, please  contact him now.

Ken's latest article, published in Faith in Business Quarterly, is a review of the book The Accidental Social Entrepreneur by Grant Smith 

At a time when an increasing number of organisations are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to note that The Financial Doctor is able to diagnose financial problems and prescribe appropriate actions. To benefit from this well-established process, please book an appointment.

From start-ups to trade sales, experience counts

Through Axiom-e, his award-winning Cambridge-based company, Ken Dickson advises ambitious and visionary owners/directors of commercial companies, charities and social enterprises who want to grow their organisations to maximise impact in the long-term whilst ensuring short-term survival.

Ken also helps the next generation of businesspeople by providing  training  and mentoring to early-stage businesses making a social impact..

An organisation needs good financial management at all times. It is never too early (but it can often be too late) to seek advice and input to help you plan, manage and deliver results.

To check how Axiom-e can add value to your organisation and so give you the axiom-edge, please contact us.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :