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How Axiom-e can help

Axiom-e specialises in working with existing management to groom businesses for sale. This process often includes acquiring other businesses as a precursor to the trade sale.

We facilitate acquisitions through several activities including,
  • undertaking appropriate investigations such as a financial review or due diligence
  • preparing a proposal to acquire
  • developing financial models to assess the potential of a deal
  • managing the professional advisors and the process
  • assisting the legal process by reviewing contracts
Axiom-e's achievements

Recent projects include:
  • We helped with the acquisition of two divisions of a construction company.
  • To permit significant additional funding, we assisted with the re-organisation of a high-tech VC-funded company through the sale of its assets to a newly formed company and the closure of the selling company.
  • To simplify the group structure and improve efficiency, we managed the hive-up of a trading subsidiary's assets to the parent company then closed down the inactive subsidiary.
Amongst other achievements in this area, our staff have:
  • identified and implemented acquisition strategies for several operations
  • acquired more than 30 businesses (ranging in size from GBP0.2m to GBP25m of turnover)
  • managed the post-acquisition integration of several businesses (which has involved ensuring that personnel, systems and processes were all suitable and integrated where possible)
  • following the acquisition of a major subsidiary, acted as the interim Finance Director and successfully brought about changes required to support a doubling of its activities (from GBP25m to GBP50m turnover)
  • successfully negotiated post-acquisition settlements with vendors worth more than GBP0.4m

The work required is case-specific. To benefit from our services, please contact us for a free initial discussion after which we will provide a quote for undertaking the work necessary.


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