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Experience counts: choosing a good part-time Finance Director

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The number of companies advertising themselves as suppliers of part-time finance directors is increasing. This is helping the market as a whole to appreciate the concept of part-time finance directors.

However, the issue remains, how do you choose an appropriate supplier of part-time finance directors?

At Axiom-e, we believe that the decision is a combination of:

  • Character: do they provide unbiased advice? Do they recommend what you require or is their advice affected by commission they earn from businesses they recommend? Do they operate in an ethical manner? (We subscribe to CIMA's Ethical Guidelines.) Can they show you independent references?
  • Chemistry: how well the client gets on with the proposed finance director.
  • Commitment: Axiom-e prides itself on working in the client's best interests. We therefore work on everything necessary whether it is negotiating acquisitions, reviewing business processes or ensuring that the more routine work is undertaken correctly. Many of our clients have commented on the enthusiastic way we have got involved with their companies.
  • Competence: Axiom-e's consultants are all well qualified academically and technically and have years of experience within well-regarded companies. Axiom-e's consultants have all been employed as finance directors for various companies and have worked on everything from start-ups to flotations.
  • Contacts: if we cannot help our clients directly, we generally know somebody who can. We can thus introduce clients to appropriate solicitors, banks, auditors and personnel advisors.
  • Continuity: we generally work with clients on a part-time basis over time rather than full-time for a short period only.
  • Cost: cash flow can be an issue, especially for early-stage companies. To assist, we can offer various payment plans. We add value to clients. Over time, the tangible benefits to the client are usually significantly greater than the amount we charge.

Axiom-e, a provider of part-time finance directors to a variety of clients across the UK, is pleased to announce some of its recent successful support for clients.

Whilst we have been involved with them we have recently helped to add value to our clients in the following areas:

Acquisitions and sales

  • Growing manufacturing company: acquisition of long-established business
  • Established manufacturing company: grooming for sale
  • Established services company: grooming for sale

Business plan preparation

  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Start-up software company
  • Established construction company
  • Early-stage manufacturer

Cash management

  • Established services company: increased a fast-reducing cash balance to almost GBP1m


  • Start-up manufacturer: GBP25,000 of asset finance
  • Start-up publisher: GBP40,000 DTI-supported bank loan
  • Start-up marketing company: GBP50,000 DTI-supported bank loan
  • Early-stage company: GBP210,000 funding from business angels, bank and other
  • Turnaround manufacturing company: negotiated total working capital funding of £600,000
  • Not-for-profit organisation: GBP2m loan agreed in principle
  • University spin-out: GBP4m of funding from venture capitalists


  • Early-stage company: short-listed for Innovative Business of the Year Award

Axiom-e works with:

  • start-ups
  • early-stage businesses
  • growing, progressive and ambitious companies
  • mature companies
  • charities, social enterprises and commercial organisations

We assist with:

  • converting ideas into businesses
  • preparing business plans
  • raising funds
  • managing growth and profitability
  • enhancing management information systems
  • exit strategy implementation and grooming companies for sale
  • turning around failing businesses
  • short-term ad hoc or interim support

For more information on how we work as Finance Directors for our clients, see our page Acting as your part-time Finance Director.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact us now.



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