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Corporate Management

How Axiom-e can help

Axiom-e helps companies improve their performance by acting as a sounding board for individuals or boards/management teams when:
  • analysing activities and recommending improvements
  • reviewing business processes and systems
  • introducing structured management procedures
  • assessing the quality of staff and helping with recruitment as necessary
  • initiating various necessary legal actions
  • coaching staff, facilitating meetings and mentoring future leaders
Axiom-e's achievements

Amongst other achievements, our staff have:
  • helped to launch and develop several start-up companies
  • established a share option scheme and successfully negotiated with the Inland Revenue a reduction in the option price worth GBP0.5m to the shareholders
  • substantially improved the structure and processes of the Board and Management Teams to ensure compliance with good practice and regulations
  • effected a change in the equity structure and introduced a share split
  • arranged for a capital reduction of over GBP2m
  • successfully pursued trademark infringements by 6 different parties
  • negotiated with HMRC to substantially reduce corporation tax assessments
  • helped to raise up to GBP4m from funders

To benefit from our services, please contact us for a free initial discussion after which we will provide a quote for undertaking the work necessary.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :