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Financial modelling and forecasting


Axiom-e has particular expertise in the areas of financial modelling and financial forecasting and offers this service under the brand name axiom-extrapolation.

With his interest going back to the time he undertook research for his dissertation on The Role of Forecasting In Managerial Accounting, Ken Dickson has spent a lot of his professional life being responsible for providing decision-relevant forecasts of one sort or another.


As every business decision is made using best estimates of the future, a good approach to modelling forecasts is an essential part of the analytical work supporting decision-making.

Forecasts are always required to support business plans and this calls for fully integrated financial forecasts covering Profit and Loss Accounts, balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements. The production of robust forecasts requires an understanding of the various factors impacting on an organisation. Key factors (including volumes, prices, costs and labour requirements) are identified then incorporated into the forecasting model. Importantly, forecasts should generally incorporate a certain degree of sensitivity analysis which seeks to indicate the effect on the forecast of changes in key assumptions.

Ken Dickson can teach your staff:
  • how to develop financial forecasts,
  • what elements to consider, 
  • how to interprete the ouputs,
  • how to present the forecasts to management or third parties.

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