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axiom-exit: Preparing for a trade sale

Get ready to sell!

The interest in acquisitions is continuing and is growing. However, only those companies which add strategic value to another are being sold.

Research has shown that few owners of SMEs have an exit strategy and thereby limit the benefit they might be able to extract for their hard work in developing their companies.

To help ensure that your company is ready for a potential sale, Axiom-e, the strategic financial management consultancy, can assist with our axiom-exit service.

How Axiom-e can help

Axiom-e specialises in working with existing management to groom businesses for sale. Our work in support of this nearly always involves us providing many of our other services and often includes acquiring other businesses as a precursor to the trade sale.

We facilitate the sale through axiom-exit which we have developed as a specific service geared to the final stage of a trade sale. This could involve us in several tasks including:
  • preparing the Memorandum of Information
  • ensuring financial history and forecasts are supported
  • preparing additional financial data for purchasers
  • developing financial models to assess the potential value of deals
  • negotiating with potential acquirers and their advisors
  • managing the professional advisors and the process
  • assisting the legal process by reviewing contracts
  • ensuring that the business systems are robust
  • helping to ensure the company continues to function!
Our Consultants have been involved in more than 25 acquisitions or sales and all have experience of being Finance Directors of companies in various sectors including IT, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Services. They are therefore ideally suited to help you through a process without you having to reduce focus on operational matters.

Support throughout the business cycle

axiom-exit is undertaken in the period immediately prior to the sale whereas grooming for sale begins as soon as we become involved with a client, including at the start-up stage.

A recent article in Director, stated that "...most business experts believe small and medium-sized enterprises should have some form of exit. But few do... Most of their (ie business owners) focus is at the start-up end and at no point do they think about an exit strategy."

For this reason Axiom-e developed the concept of providing part-time on-going strategic financial management input to companies throughout their life.

Wherever you are in your business cycle, we can help:
Useful information

For background information on selling companies for sale, please visit our Finance Directors' Resource Centre.


The work required is tailored specifically to your company. Please contact us for a free initial discussion on how you can gain the axiom-edge when it comes to developing and selling your company. We will then quote for providing our axiom-exit service.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :