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Business Planning and Control

How Axiom-e can help

Axiom-e can teach you how to develop integrated business models for:
  • Budgeting
  • Capital Investment and Risk Appraisal
  • Contribution and Profit Analysis
  • Costing
  • Cost Reduction Programmes
  • Financial Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Management Information Reporting
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Treasury (Cash) Management
The above relate mainly to internal financial planning and control activities. For details about how we can assist with the preparation of formal Business Plans to support fund-raising, please see Business Financing Advice.

What does planning in business cover?

For more technical details about the various types of planning activity, visit our page on Planning in business.

Axiom-e's experience

Axiom-e's staff have wide and substantial experience of developing and using planning, control and reporting systems in various sectors and can show you how to establish suitable systems for your company.


To benefit from our services, please contact us for a free initial discussion after which we will provide a quote for undertaking the work necessary.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :