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Churches That Change Communities

Jubilee Plus
held their 2017 Churches That Change Communities conference at City Church, Cambridge on Saturday 28th October 2017.

As their advert noted:
Churches across the UK are at the front line of caring for those in need in our country. Thousands of Christians give hours of their time to volunteering in social action projects. But how do we go from helping the poor to becoming churches where people of all backgrounds not only worship God together, but experience genuine community with one another that crosses divisions of class, status, wealth and more?
The conference included talks covering a range of elements related to social action, social enterprise and social justice.

Ken Dickson, Managing Director of Axiom-e, spoke on Social Business: Building the Future. This talk was a variation of well-received talks given to international educational conferences in the UK and Nigeria. It sought to explain what is required to develop a sustainable organisation based on Axiom-e's "Pillars Of Business Success" model. The talk is developed in much more detail in the Pillars Of Business Success course that was run successfully in Zambia.

Those attending Ken's seminar will be given a link to download some additional notes and recommended reading lists.

To listen to Ken's talk (and those of the other speakers) please click here.


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