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Company Secretary

In the beginning

If you are thinking of setting up a new company, please look at axiom-essentials, our comprehensive package for start-up companies.

How axiom-e can help

Once a business is incorporated (made into a limited liability company), the regulatory requirements increase dramatically. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe both for the company and the directors.

Experience has shown that many directors do not like administration and several do not know how to deal effectively with the relevant authorities.

Using axiom-e as your Company Secretary can add value to your enterprise. Instead of you taking time to work out what forms need to be returned to whom and by when and how to complete each form, we can take care of your administration leaving you free to concentrate on revenue-generating activities.

In doing so, we can handle correspondence with, in particular:

  • Companies House
  • HMRC re taxation and VAT
  • Banks
  • Lawyers and other professional advisors

We undertake all necessary work (including the preparation of relevant Minutes) to ensure that your company meets its statutory obligations. Importantly, this means that you will not be fined or even disqualified for not returning information on time.

We also attend Board Meetings and provide appropriate input as required.

axiom-e's experience

All members of axiom-e's staff providing this service have worked as the Company Secretary for a number of different companies in sectors such as IT, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Services.

Our staff currently act as Company Secretary to more than 15 companies.


Please contact us for a free initial discussion on how we can add value to your company.


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