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axiom-essentials: For start-ups and early stage companies

Axiom-e's support helps steer startup client towards success

Dragonmobility Ltd, one of Axiom-e's social enterprise clients, was short-listed in its second year for Innovative Business of the Year, one of the categories in the Startups of the Year Awards sponsored by and NatWest bank.
In 2013 the company was short-listed for the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, the world's largest humanitarian award.
In January 2015 the company reached its 10th anniversary.

Axiom-e is pleased to have been involved with Dragonmobility since 2005. In recognition of this, we are supporting their 2000 Lives Set In Motion Campaign .

If you would like to benefit from the axiom-effect, please contact us.

axiom-essentials: A service specifically for start-up and early-stage companies


In order to help companies who are being - or who have recently been - set up, Axiom-e has developed a special package of services which we call axiom-essentials.

The all-in packages are offered at special rates to start-ups to provide the essential foundation for future success!

The packages involve Axiom-e advising on, then actioning, one or more of: For more information, see:

Axiom-e's experience

Our staff have helped to set up and manage many start-ups. Since we began as a start-up ourselves in 2001, we have been involved in advising and helping to launch over 20 companies and helped to secure funding for a number of our clients.

This has ranged from GBP20,000 to GBP5million and has come from asset finance, bank loans, business angels and venture capitalists.

Each of our Consultants has had much experience as Finance Director of companies in industries such as IT, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Construction and Services.

Axiom-e's partners

To ensure that the best possible advice is provided to our clients (whether start-ups or maturer businesses), Axiom-e works with specialist Partners and Associates who can help with many matters including:

  • banking
  • fund raising
  • legal advice
  • payroll
  • recruitment
  • market research


As the work required is tailored specifically to your company, please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting after which we will quote for providing your axiom-essentials.

We will also discuss how we can add value to your company through an on-going relationship which will allow you to gain the axiom-edge over your competitors.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :