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Detail of axiom-essentials

axiom-essentials can cover any or all of the following services

Corporate structure
  • Incorporating a company
  • Ensuring the desired legal structure is in place
  • Appointing Directors and Company Secretary
  • Issuing shares
  • Preparing initial Board Minutes
  • Registering for corporation tax
  • Registering for a PAYE scheme
  • Registering for VAT
  • Applying for a bank account and negotiating banking facilities
  • Advising on funding requirements
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Negotiating with potential funders
Legal and Company Secretarial Matters
  • Preparing a comprehensive Company Secretarial file which axiom-e can manage for you if engaged as your company's Company Secretary
  • Establishing a registered office
  • Working with highly regarded firms of solicitors to provide the legal support your company requires as it starts and develops.
Accounting and Financial Administration
  • Setting up an accounting system
  • Establishing management reporting systems
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll (via specialist companies)
Internet Presence
  • Obtaining appropriate domain names
  • Developing a website
  • Developing on-line sales facility
Other Administrative Matters
  • Insurance
    • review requirements
    • negotiate with suppliers
  • Personnel (under our axiom-employment service)
    • Recruitment (via specialist companies)
    • Personnel strategies
    • Remuneration policies
  • Health & Safety
  • Corporate branding
    • designing a logo and corporate stationery (letterhead, business cards, adverts etc)


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