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News from Axiom-e

  • More R&D tax credit claims prepared and submitted to HMRC on behalf of clients.
  • We're proud to have been awarded the title Most Influential Business Training & Management Consultancy - 2019 in Corporate Vision's Corporate Excellence Awards 2019. It must be due to our international focus which impacts countries like Zambia and Nigeria as well as the UK.
  • As part of their Executive Team, Ken Dickson helped to organise the fully-booked Faith In Business Leadership Retreat held from 5-7 April at Westminster College, Cambridge. He also gave a talk summarising key points mentioned during the Retreat.
  • Ken Dickson spoke on 'The Pillars of Business Success: a personal perspective' at the C3 at Work Business Breakfast in Cambridge on 5th April. 
March 2019
  • Ken has been invited to speak to the C3 at Work Business Breakfast on 5th April. Watch out for details of his talk. Click to book a place.
  • Following a business review with a client, they emailed to say "Thanks. It was a really useful session. It felt like going to see the GP for a thorough check. It certainly helped me to think about what I should be focusing on."

February 2019
  • Ken Dickson spoke on 'From Success to Significance: SAFETY FIRST' to school owners from Africa at the Cambridge International Education Conference in Cambridge on 23-Feb-19.

January 2019
  • Ken Dickson enjoyed speaking on 'Entrepreneurship' and 'Managing finances throughout life' at the Young Men's Masterclass 'Arise' Conference in Cambridge on 26-Jan-19.
November 2018
  • Ken Dickson spoke on "Stewardship: Building for the future" and "Finance: SAFETY FIRST" at the inaugural Cambridge International Christian Educators Conference held from 14-16 November.
October 2018
  • Ken Dickson, Axiom-e's Founder, has been named Management Accounting Advisor of the Year in Finance Monthly's Global Awards 2018. Many thanks to whoever nominated and voted for Ken.
September 2018
  • Axiom-e prepared and submitted another two R&D tax credit claims. The significant amount claimed was paid by HMRC within 30 days. Clients have now received more than £100,000 from HMRC in the last 6 weeks!  If you would like help with preparing your claim, please contact us.
  • Ken Dickson's book review of Alison Jones's This Book Means Business: Clever ways to plan and write a book that works harder for your business has been published in Faith in Business Quarterly, Volume 19:2 (Sep-18) pp 20-21. Alison's book is highly recommended, especially for the many practical suggestions and inspirational insights.
July 2018
  • Axiom-e prepared and submitted another R&D tax credit claim. The significant amount claimed was paid by HMRC within 30 days. If you would like help with preparing your claim, please contact us.
June 2018
  • Ken Dickson, Axiom-e's Managing Director, was honoured to address delegates from 15 countries on 'Inclusion in the Workplace' on 16th June 2018 at the "We Stand With Albinos in Africa" Conference organised by Women's Voices for Africa.  
May 2018
March 2018
  • The course "The Pillars Of Business Success" which was originally developed for Zambia will be run in Cambridge during April to June. For more information please visit our new website
February 2018
  • At the Cambridge International Education Conference for school owners and head teachers held in February at the Moller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Ken Dickson spoke at two seminars where he gave an overview of the essentials of financial management and then discussed preparing to sell or acquire a school. His sessions were rated 'The Most Useful' and Relevant by attendees.

  • The dates for The Pillars of Business Success course in Cambridge have been finalised. If you are interested in attending, please visit The Pillars of Business Success
January 2018
  • We are excited that a client has obtained a £2m research contract after we helped secure £0.4m of bank funding to help them fund the necessary working capital. If you want similar support, please contact us.
  • "Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?" Job 12:12 [Helpful comment on Ken's 60th birthday!]
November 2017
  • 16th November is Social Enterprise Day.  Through the work of a great social enterprise, Dragonmobility Ltd, many people have independent mobility and others are able to "See the person, not the chair"
 October 2017
August 2017
  • At the Cambridge International Education Conference held in Lagos, Nigeria, whose theme was "Adapting Education to Changing Times", Ken Dickson, Axiom-e's Managing Director, spoke on:
    • The Future of Education
    • Managing Risks
    • Building the Future
July 2017
  • "The Pillars of Business Success" course that Ken Dickson ran for Zambia 2050 will be repeated in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana in August. Watch out for news on how to book your place!
May 2017

February 2017 August 2016
  • Axiom-e is pleased to announce that a significant bank loan has been secured for a new early-stage client to support their working capital. To benefit from the axiom-edge, please contact us now.

June 2016

May 2016
April 2016
  • Enjoyed speaking at a week-long course run in Dubai by an international organisation for 16 Chinese students. Enjoyed teaching and helping with Business Plans, Elevator Pitches, STEEPLE Analysis and "Managing Difficult Conversations". 
February 2016
  • Enjoyed speaking on "Mapping the Future: Checking the Compass" at the Cambridge International Education Conference. Great to see so many school owners from around the world. If you want to benefit from a talk or a training course, please contact us.
  • Preparing to give a talk on "Ethical ways to manage finance and build value" for a forthcoming international conference. If you want to benefit from a talk or a training course, please contact us.
January 2016
  •  Another claim we prepared for an R&D tax credit for a client has been paid. Thank you for your prompt action HMRC!  
December 2015
August 2015
  • Yet another start-up incorporated! We look forward to providing business advice to them. Whether you want advice or training on raising funds, managing your finances or negotiating with creditors, we can help! Please contact us for details.
 May 2015
  • We have had our latest R&D tax credit claim agreed and paid in record time: 2 days.  Thank you HMRC! Over the years we have successfully claimed more than GBP0.25m for clients.
  • A introductory course on "Principles of Budgeting" has just been run for up-and-coming staff at a leading management development centre.
March 2015
  • Ken Dickson gave a well-received talk on "Purpose, Plans and Profits: Accounting and Financial Management for Early-stage Organisations" to 50th Generation and some next generation entrepreneurs. It was great to read their feedback on Twitter: "Delighted to be consuming the wisdom of @Axiom_e's Ken Dickson as he demystifies entrepreneurial finance for us." If you would like Ken to speak to your group, please visit our page on Training and Development.
February 2015
  • Axiom-e is enjoying implementing a new HR system for one of the Colleges in the University of Cambridge. We are also preparing R&D tax credit claims and providing general financial and management advice to clients. If you want to benefit from the axiom-edge, please contact us.
  • For many years Axiom-e has supported The TurboTrust, a Cambridge-based charity working to support disabled people throughout the UK get on the move with specialist mobility equipment. We were therefore delighted last week when The Turbo Trust announced that Katie Cutler, who set up the remarkably successful fund for mugging victim Alan Barnes, will be helping them achieve their next goal, as they seek to raise GBP135,000 to set a further eight lives in motion.
January 2015
December 2014
  • Caitlyn from Kilmarnock is raising funds for a new powerchair. She says "I tried many powered chairs, but none compare to the Dragon!" She will be one of the next 2000 Lives Set In Motion. For examples of such lives, see the feature on Manoto TV (from 5:55 in). Thank you!
November 2014
  • Our clients Dragonmobility  are about to celebrate a major milestone and want you to help them celebrate and spread the news. For details see 2000 Lives Set In Motion. For examples of such lives, see the feature on Manoto TV (from 5:55 in). Thank you!
  • Through their unique skills, one of our clients Dragonmobility helps to provide independent mobility to disabled people in the UK and beyond. You can now support this social enterprise directly by clicking the SUPPORT button here. Thank you!
October 2014
  • Went to Ely Cathedral recently to listen to Lord Charles Cecil speak on "Can finance be moral?" Money itself is neutral but it is the way it is used that can be a problem. If you want to discuss the ethics of finance, please contact us.
September 2014
  • A total of GBP665.86 was raised for The Turbo Trust at the recent Cherry Hinton Festival Duck Race. Thank you, to all who attended, decorated, raced, and took part in a variety of q-wacky activities!

  • 18th September 2014 - Scotland votes today on whether to become an independent nation-state or to remain as a nation within the state of the United Kingdom. However our friends and families in Scotland vote, we trust they will think carefully about the implications before casting their vote. Whatever you decide, make your vote count!
July 2014
  • Ken Dickson gave a well-received talk on "Managing finances in all areas of life: some Biblically-based guidance" to RCCOG (Cambridge). If you would like Ken to speak to your group, please visit our page on Training and Development. June 2014
  • Axiom-e has been approved to provide advice under the Growth Vouchers Programme so make your applications and claim up to GBP2,000 for strategic advice!
May 2014
  • Our latest R&D tax credit claim for a client was approved five days after we submitted it and paid a few days later. Thank you HMRC! If you want to benefit from the axiom-edge, please contact us.
March 2014
  • Violet is two. She travelled from Australia to the UK to find her freedom with help from our client Dragonmobility . See examples of her freedom in this video.
February 2014
  • "Managers ask questions about execution; leaders ask questions about direction." Dan Rockwell
January 2014
  • Today(31 Jan) is the deadline for submitting self-assessment returns for 2012-13! All self-assessment forms have been prepared and successfully submitted to HMRC - even for those clients who only provided information yesterday! Clients are very grateful and thankful that their taxes have been minimised!
  • A recent BIS document noted that "good financial management is critical to the success of any business" but that "4 out of 5 financial decision makers have no formal training in financial matters." Axiom-e is out to change this! We have recently run a series of business and financial courses for NIAB Innovation Farm. If you want some in-house training, please contact us.
April 2013 March 2013
  • Axiom-e's last four clients are involved with education in various ways. If you want to benefit from our axiom-education advice, please contact us.
January 2013
  • The start of a new year is a good time to consider your processes and plans. The Financial Doctor can help by reviewing and assessing your organisation's financial health to diagnose any underlying problems before prescribing remedies. For your consultation, please contact us .
November 2012
  • Today is Social Enterprise Day. To celebrate, why not support Dragonmobility, a great social enterprise that designs and makes customised innovative powerchairs, by watching their crowd funding appeal video?
October 2012
  • Axiom-e successfully negotiated, then managed, a client's Time To Pay arrangement with HMRC, which has now been settled in full. 
August 2012
  • Axiom-e had a great time at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in aid of The Turbo Trust and even guessed the weight of the cake correctly! Many thanks to Tweedledum, Tweedledee and the Queen of Hearts (aka the Trustees) who organised the fun. Over GBP1,000 was taken to help fund specialised, customised powered wheelchairs. Click here to donate to The Turbo Trust.
July 2012
  • Axiom-e has secured two more R&D tax credit cash repayments for clients. If you want to get R&D support from HMRC, please contact us.

  • Axiom-e has again been busy preparing statutory accounts, submitting more R&D tax credit applications and negotiating finance for clients.
May 2012
  • Many congratulations to the talented Irene Bulleid on winning the Macmillan Prize for Children's Picture Book Illustrations 2012. Irene is one of our clients and has undertaken design work for us and our clients.

April 2012

  • Axiom-e has been busy negotiating finance for clients.
  • Axiom-e has been busy securing from HMRC more R&D tax credits for clients.
  • Axiom-e has been busy submitting more R&D tax credit applications for clients.
March 2012
  • Andrew Lansley MP praises Dragonmobility, a client of Axiom-e


In the run-up to the final consideration of the Health and Social Care Bill in the House of Lords and Wednesday's budget announcement, Andrew Lansley, in his capacity as MP for South Cambridgeshire, took time out from his busy governmental duties to see for himself the life-changing work being done by Dragonmobility, a Cambridge-based social enterprise whose directors all live in his constituency.

Since 2005, Dragonmobility, led by Dan Everard, a gifted design engineer, has designed, manufactured and supplied innovative powerchairs for severely disabled people. Dan's designs - featured in the London Science Museum - have pioneered a revolution in the development of powered mobility since 1981, particularly for children.

During Mr Lansley's visit, Ken Dickson, Dragonmobility's Finance Director (and Managing Director of Axiom-e), explained that "The majority of the funds to pay for our chairs come from charities and families and friends. Although Dragonmobility is weathering the current economic climate, we, in common with many other small manufacturing companies, find it challenging to access reasonable commercial funding for growth. What we do is much admired by financial institutions, yet it is left to ordinary people in need, like a family currently raising funds for their triplets, who all need SnapDragons, to actually achieve it."

Andrew Lansley CBE MP said: "I was immensely impressed to see the innovation and engineering quality of the SnapDragon and other designs. What came through strongly was how Dragonmobility see the person, not the disability, and are committed to restoring the opportunity for all their clients to have all the mobility they want."

Click here for the full press release.

February 2012
  • Axiom-e is negotiating debt finance for one of its clients.
January 2012
  • Axiom-e has secured more than GBP550,000 of equity investment for one of its clients. If you want help with business planning and fund-raising, please call 01223 839579.

Click here for the full press release.

  • Axiom-e has been busy preparing more statutory accounts, tax returns and R&D tax credit claims for clients. All deadlines were met and tax repayments have been negotiated.
  • Axiom-e hopes you had a joyful Christmas and wishes you a happy and successful New Year.
November 2011
  • Axiom-e is busy preparing statutory accounts, tax returns and R&D tax credit claims for clients.
September 2011
  • Axiom-e enjoyed celebrating "30 years of Wheelchair Toddling" with Dragonmobility, one of its clients, whose innovative elevating powerchairs have transformed the lives of many people. To help more users benefit, please visit  The Turbo Trust's Just Giving page.
  • Axiom-e is preparing to celebrate 30 years of wheelchair toddling with Dragonmobility, one of its clients.
August 2011
June 2011
  • Clients have received payment from HMRC within two weeks of submitting R&D Tax Credit applications prepared by Axiom-e.
May 2011
  • Axiom-e has been busy completing R&D Tax Credit applications for more of its clients.
March 2011
February 2011
  • Axiom-e has been preparing a business plan for an overseas client to support the raising of a significant level of finance.
January 2011
  • Axiom-e has begun the year by securing more R&D tax credits for its clients. To benefit from this service or to find out how your business could benefit in other ways from Axiom-e's involvement, please contact us.
  • Axiom-e wishes you a Happy and Successful New Year. During 2011 Axiom-e will be supporting The Turbo Trust, a charity which helps to provide mobility for severely disabled people.
December 2010
  • Axiom-e wishes you a Happy and Joyous Christmas. Instead of sending cards, Axiom-e made a donation to The Turbo Trust, a charity which helps to provide mobility for severely disabled people.

  • To help you through the on-going chilly economic climate, why not arrange a health-check from The Financial Doctor?
November 2010
  • 30 November: Axiom-e wishes all our visitors and clients a Happy St Andrew's Day! (Toilichte la a'naomh Anndra agad!) 
  • 18th November is "Social Enterprise Day". Axiom-e has several social enterprises (along with charities and commercial organisations) as clients
  • Axiom-e has added another start-up client to its portfolio of ambitious clients. We are providing business planning and fund-raising support to an overseas-based social enterprise in the clean technology sector.
October 2010
  • Axiom-e has added another client to its portfolio of growing organisations wanting part-time Finance Director support. Our client provides a 'cradle to grave' bespoke service for all asbestos, refurbishment and demolition needs.
  • Dragonmobility, one of our social enterprise clients, has been short-listed for the East of England heats of the Social Vision photo competition run by Triodos Bank and the Social Enterprise Coalition in association with Social Enterprise magazine.The judges are currently reviewing these short listed entries and will select a winner from each region and nation and these will be announced on Social Enterprise Day, Thursday 18 November 2010. The winners from each region and nation will then go through to the final round. The overall winner will be selected by a poll vote which will open on Friday 19 November with the winner announced at an event on Tuesday 30 November, in London. 
 September 2010
  • Axiom-e has been busy preparing claims for R&D tax credits as part of its work on clients' corporation tax returns.
July 2010
  • Axiom-e has been busy working on some of its clients' statutory accounts and corporation tax returns. As well as strategic financial management, we get involved in operational accounting too.
May 2010
  • Axiom-e has secured more R&D tax credits for its clients. Last year we successfully claimed for more than GBP100,000.
April 2010
  • Axiom-e has helped launch a new Community Interest Company. This is a rare example of a manufacturing CIC and is another example of Axiom-e's involvement in the Third Sector. Our clients now include social enterprises, charities and not-for-profit organisations as well as more traditional commercial organisations.Watch out for more news.
January 2010
  • On 15th January, Jim Paice, MP for South East Cambridgeshire where Axiom-e is based, saw for himself the pioneering work being done by social enterprise Dragonmobility from a small industrial unit in Cambridge. 

    He went to visit after successfully intervening to get Dragonmobility considered for Government funding following an approach by Ken Dickson, Axiom-e's Managing Director and Dragonmobility's Finance Director.

    Ken explained that "Having had difficulty accessing normal commercial funding in the current economic climate, we were delighted that, after Jim's intervention, we were encouraged to apply for funding from a government department."

    Jim commented "Visiting Dragonmobility was fascinating! It is abundantly clear that they're doing sterling work for disabled people in Cambridgeshire and beyond and as such I wish them every continued success in the future."

    For more information, visit Jim's website.

December 2009:
  • Happy Christmas to everyone. Instead of sending cards this year, we are again making a donation to The Turbo Trust who help to provide independent mobility to severely disabled people. If you want to join us, please visit their website
 November 2009:
  • Did you know that 19th November 2009 was Social Enterprise Day? We did, as several of our clients are social enterprises or charities. 
October 2009:
  • Axiom-e has been appointed to implement a new accounting and membership system for a national charity. This adds further to the number of clients who are charities or social enterprises.
September 2009:
  • Axiom-e implemented a new accounting system for a University-based company. The new system will enhance the quality of information and speed of reporting for the internationally-recognised organisation. 
August 2009:
  • Axiom-e has secured more R&D tax credits for its clients, bringing the total to more than GBP100,000 so far this year.
July 2009:
  • Axiom-e has been appointed to assist another university spin-out, this time focussed on the IT sector.
June 2009
  • Axiom-e has successfully negotiated further R&D tax credits for its clients
May 2009
  • Axiom-e concluded a project to turnaround a well-established manufacturing client. As part of the project, Axiom-e:
  • prepared a business plan
  • secured over GBP540,000 of funds to provide a firm foundation for progressing
  • helped rationalise the client to better match resources with requirements
  • introduced an appropriate costing system so that profitability by product and by customer could be determined
  • prepared a detailed sales-led budget
  • devised and introduced a focused management information system
  • sourced an interim Managing Director to help drive operational issues
  • established more appropriate accounting procedures for an overseas subsidiary
  • trained and mentored staff to provide them with the means to manage the company themselves
The client is now on the road to recovery. If you want help to survive the current economic environment, contact The Financial Doctor.
April 2009:
  • Axiom-e has helped launch a new start-up company for a client. Watch out for more news.
February 2009:
  • Axiom-e has again successfully negotiated R&D tax credits for its clients.
  • Axiom-e has secured tax rebates for some of its clients.

November 2008:


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :