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System Analysis and Development

 How Axiom-e can help

In every company that they have been employed, Axiom-e's staff have identified, specified and implemented appropriate business systems. These have varied in size from a simple accounting system for a single-site start-up company through to a project with a total value of more than GBP1.5m covering 30 different sites and several different categories of business.

Staff have been involved with all aspects of the projects and have thus been responsible for such elements as:

  • initial identification of need for new/upgraded system
  • assessment of need
  • specification
  • short-listing of software
  • preparation of capital investment proposals with full financial and commercial justifications
  • implementation
  • switch-over from old system

This has involved staff being fully responsible for the management of the project management whilst ensuring no degradation in the performance of, or output from, the original system.

Benefits from using Axiom-e

The benefits have been substantial and varied and include:

  • reduced processing times
  • more efficient processing
  • integration of previously disparate systems
  • enhanced information for decision-making
  • reduction in overheads.

Most projects have had a pay-back of less than three years.


Irrespective of whether we have installed your IT systems, we can arrange training for your staff on a wide range of software packages, either directly or through our partners.


To benefit from our services, please contact us for a free initial discussion after which we will provide a quote for undertaking the work necessary.

We look forward to helping with your system needs.


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