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Zambia 2050


Ken Dickson, Axiom-e's founder, is very pleased to have been invited to help Zambia 2050 achieve their goal of developing the next generation of Zambian leaders.

Masterclass: The Pillars of Business Success

With a desire to help young Zambian entrepreneurs establish sustainable, profitable businesses to help reduce the level of poverty in their country, the Zambia 2050 team, in conjunction with the University of Kitwe, has invited Ken to run a Masterclass on the fundamentals of good business. The course, "The Pillars of Business Success", which will be held in Kitwe in May 2017, will be of benefit to anyone starting or developing a business.

Through the course's interactive structure, delegates will learn some technical business skills whilst practising soft skills such as communication.

To find out how to book a place, please download the delegates' brochure.

Sponsorship opportunities

Given that 74% of the Zambian population live on less than $1.25 per day, we are seeking sponsorship from one or more organisations to cover the costs of the course so that, through bursaries, deserving entrepreneurs are able to attend irrespective of their economic circumstances.

In addition to covering the bursaries, contributions from sponsors will go towards seed funding for the fledgling University of Kitwe.

To help

Ken has donated his time to develop and run the course. We hope that your organisation will also be keen to support Zambia 2050 and the University of Kitwe as they develop Zambia's next generation of business leaders. By supporting young Zambians to run their own businesses with integrity and wisdom, the nation can be changed.

For more details please click for a brochure. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

For more details of "Pillars of Business Success" or to discuss a course for your own organisation, please contact Axiom-e .

Thank you!

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