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Speaking engagements

As part of his interest in developing the next generation of business people, Ken also gives talks to charities, including churches, and business groups.

Whilst the talks  are generally pro bono, attendees or groups are encouraged to consider making a donation to The Turbo Trust, which seeks to raise money in order to fund the purchase of specialised elevating powered wheelchairs to provide independent mobility to severely disabled but active people.

Ken is on the Executive Team of Faith In Business, a charity which, through publications, resources  and an annual conference (at which he has spoken), seeks to:
  • affirm the role of business in God’s purposes
  • explore the application of Christian faith and values in business.

Various courses including  The Pillars Of Business Success  are being planned tor 2021 in Cambridge, Angola, Burundi and Zambia. If you are interested in attending any of these courses, please ask to be put on the mailing lists .

Ken Dickson has spoken at various local and international conferences. If you would like to discuss a bespoke course or talk for your organisation, please contact us.



Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :