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Business Planning and Business Financing Advice

 How Axiom-e can help

As part of an integrated approach to strategic financial management, and as a consequence of our other work, Axiom-e can provide mentoring and coaching services when you seek to:

  • arrange equity and loan finance
  • structure deals for buying/selling businesses
  • prepare proposals for major capital expenditure projects
Whilst appearing to be quite disparate, these three activities are related by the fact that they all require a clear plan of action to be prepared which sets out what expenditure (or investment) is required, what the expected benefits (or returns) are and how risky the proposal is perceived to be. These factors are often brought together in a formal Business Plan or Investment Proposal.

Through our close relationships with funders and corporate finance advisors, we have a good understanding of what is required to help financiers make a positive decision to fund your business. This enables us to identify the most suitable sources of funds (eg bank, venture capitalist, business angel or other company) and to work with you to produce documents and presentations for discussion with potential backers.

In the last few years, we have helped to secure funds from GBP20,000 asset-backed finance to GBP4m from venture capitalists.

The work will typically involve us in:

  • questioning the assumptions and scenarios on which draft plans/proposals have been prepared
  • preparing business plans and justifications
  • assessing your financial models
  • reviewing and critiquing your written commentaries and presentations so as to ensure they are focused in order to meet funders' needs
  • assessing potential investors
  • preparing you for meetings with potential investors
  • discussing how you might negotiate deals with investors
The relevance of Business Plans

The importance of an appropriate plan which clearly, but concisely, sets out all the relevant facts including the financials, cannot be overstated. The quality and internal consistency of plans is important. 

"The first thing I look for is how well the business plan is written...One of the biggest things that puts me off investing is when the business doesn't have a good financial set-up. They often focus on the idea rather than who is going to look after the finances. And a lot of the time the numbers don't stack up...Most young companies are keen to get things started and they don't think properly about their plans." A  Business Angel

Axiom-e's experience

Our staff's major achievements in this field include:

  • successfully negotiating with banks for loans for start-ups often with a SFLG (Small Firm Loan Guarantee) from the government
  • successfully negotiating asset finance for new and mature companies
  • successfully negotiating with venture capitalists over funding for businesses
  • preparing proposals for several GBPmulti-million investments covering capital expenditure and acquisitions
  • successfully negotiating a medium-term loan facility of more than GBP5m
  • negotiating with bankers over funding for a new factory in Germany
  • project-managing (including raising investment proposals for) the selection and implementation of business systems with individual project costs of up to GBP1.5m


Do not just take our word for it:

  • "Before we start to discuss your application, let me say this was the most useful, comprehensive plan that I have seen" Senior Business Banking Manager, NatWest
  • "Your (Business) Plan is the best, most detailed plan I have seen...Real Premier League stuff!" Corporate Banking Manager, Barclays Bank
  • "The benefits of working with Axiom-e are clear: the quality of the work undertaken was of a very high standard and the speed with which they were able to wrap up negotiations with the bank was impressive." Director of a client for whom Axiom-e had just secured a bank loan.
  • "As your business plan (prepared by Axiom-e) was extremely comprehensive and clear, we do not require any more information from you and will send our loan term sheet to you shortly." Corporate Business Manager, AIB, following a meeting with a not-for-profit client for whom we had sought a GBP2.5m bank loan.


The work required is case-specific. To benefit from our services, please contact us for a free initial discussion after which we will provide a quote for undertaking the work necessary.


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