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Overview of Axiom-e

The axiom-explanation

Based on many years of working in senior financial and general management/Board roles, we provide business advice, services and  training in the general areas of:
  • strategic financial management
  • management accounting
  • systems development
  • business planning and fund-raising
  • presentation skills, and 
  • general business advice.

Over the years our clients have included start-ups, university spin-outs, turnarounds and more mature companies in various sectors such as manufacturing and technology as well as social enterprises and charities.

Our training and coaching can be customised to meet the needs of boards, departments and individuals, but we also run open programmes so that delegates can benefit from each other's experience and input.

To find out more about how Axiom-e can take care of your business by adding value to your organisation and so giving you the axiom-edge over your competitors, please contact us.


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Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :