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The Financial Doctor

Whereas Axiom-e focuses on working with clients over a period of time, The Financial Doctor seeks to operate in a similar way to medical doctors and to undertake specific one-off work for clients ("patients") who for various reasons are not as healthy as they might be.

The work typically involves focused remedial work on under-performing enterprises for varying lengths of time. (Such work is often undertaken by what has come to be known as a Company Doctor or Business Doctor.)

Helping the patient

Using the well-established axiom-evaluation service and other specially designed tools, The Financial Doctor seeks to:

  • review and assess the financial health of the client
  • diagnose the underlying problems which have resulted in the client's ill-health
  • prescribe remedies for the condition via a detailed report

Taking the medicine

Having discussed the options with the "patient", The Financial Doctor is usually asked to:

  • undertake "surgery" leading to the client's recovery and good health

"Surgical work" typically involves Axiom-e working over a period of time to undertake the action necessary to turn the business round.

In a number of cases, the "surgery" could well result in Axiom-e being appointed as a consultant to - or non-executive director of - the client to help ensure that the client stays on the right track.

Visiting the Doctor early enough will result in a successful recovery. Research though shows that the later a patient waits to see the Doctor, the more difficult it is to make a complete recovery!

In conjunction with the Turnaround Interim Manager Network, axiom-e can provide support to directors and business owners at a time of need across a range of business functions.

If corrective action is not desired or warranted, The Financial Doctor will help to minimise the on-going impact on the client company or their directors and shareholders by introducing them to other specialists advisors such as liquidators/administrators and lawyers.

The Check-up

To ensure that the corrective action remains successful, a follow-up review will be undertaken at a suitable future date.

Making an Appointment

We are sometimes called in by banks or liquidators to help turn their clients round. In other cases, one or more of the Company's Management Team realise that they need help and contact us directly.

To arrange to see The Financial Doctor, please contact him. Although The Financial Doctor will quote a fixed fee for his services before undertaking any work, the initial consultation is free.

Following a review with a client, they emailed to say "Thanks. It was a really useful session. It felt like going to see the GP for a thorough check. It certainly helped me to think about what I should be focusing on."

We look forward to helping you.


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