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The Pillars Of Business Success - Books

The Pillars Of Business Success

has developed a comprehensive workbook  to  support its course The Pillars Of Business Success. This is customised to some extent for each country in which the course is run.

Building the Future

Axiom-e's founder Ken Dickson is currently writing Building The Future. This introductory book will be of relevance to anyone (considering) running a company, especially one with social impact.

The book deals with the challenges facing social and other businesses before outlining “The Pillars of Business Success”, Ken's framework for building successful organisations and the basis for various courses that we run.

Importantly the book will include reference to many of the key principles found in the Bible that have application to business to help ensure that users start businesses on firm personal and business foundations.

The book's title, Building the Future, comes from several of Ken's well-received talks presented in international settings.

Useful books by other authors

The Pillars of Business Success draws on the ideas of many other writers. A selection of books and articles is provided in our Resources section.


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