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Business groups

As part of his interest in developing the next generation of business people, Ken gives talks to charities and business groups.

Whilst the talks are generally pro bono, attendees or groups are encouraged to consider making a donation to The Turbo Trust, which seeks to raise money in order to fund the purchase of specialised elevating powered wheelchairs to provide independent mobility to severely disabled but active people.

Recent talks have included:
  • "The Pillars of Business Success: a personal perspective" talk given to C3 at Work Business Breakfast,]
  • "Social Business: Building the Future" [talk at the African Business Platform Business Breakfast]
  • "'Feet to the lame': How Dragonmobility helps the disabled one step at a time" [talk given to various groups]
  • "Integrity in Financial Management & Accountancy" [talk given at CCPN]
  • "Principles of Budgeting" for staff at The Moller Centre
  • "Purpose, Plans and Profits - A Personal Perspective" - for CCPN
  • "Biblically based guidance and advice for managing personal finances throughout your life" - for Momentum
  • "Managing finances in all areas of life: some Biblically-based guidance" for RCCG (Cambridge)
  • "Managing finances throughout your life: some guidance" for staff at The Moller Centre
  • "Purpose, Plans and Profits: Accounting and Financial Management for Early-Stage Organisations" for 50th Generation
Read what those attending the talks have said.
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To help Dragonmobility provide independent mobility to disabled but active users, please donate here.Dragonmobility's logo: See the Person, not the Chair.

Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :