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Testimonials - Training & Development

The Pillars of Business Success [run in Zambia 9-12 May 2017]
  • "I just loved your [seminar] ... & agreed with everything you said (I told people it felt like I was the only person in the room and you were speaking straight to me)."
  • "This was the best course I have attended."
  • "Now I know how to run my business."
  • "I've never attended such a thing as POBS and now realise why my previous businesses did not do well.
  • "I gained a rich and high level of knowledge from this course."
  • "The delegates had varied business backgrounds but Ken managed to include them all."
  • "I learned a lot about business and about myself on the course."
  • "I applied what I learned on the course to secure funding for my social enterprise!"
  • "I wish the company's directors had come on the course!"
  • "The course is very useful for whatever business one is running!"
  • "Great course - very relevant to our context in Zambia."
  • "I enjoyed the course. Ken was very knowledgeable."
  • "This was great." [100% excellent feedback scores!]
  • "Well organised and researched lessons."
  • "Well presented course."
  • "POBS has been highly enlightening and educative."
  • "Very helpful."
  • "I am preparing for an awesome ride with the wisdom gained from POBS.

General talks

  • The seminars that Ken presented at an international conference were rated 'The Most Useful' and Relevant by the conference attendees.
  • "You opened my eyes to the opportunities that demographic changes will generate."
  • "I loved the way you illustrated your talk with biblical and busines references."
  • "My country would benefit from your talks."
  • "Thanks for a most insightful session yesterday. As always I left with a lot of practical useful tips." 
  • "Thank you so much for a really interesting  and entertaining  talk yesterday. It was so well prepared and all the audience  were riveted!"
  • "That was wonderful- inspirational - just the right level and length."

  • "Thanks for your great talk last night. I loved the blend of straight practical advice and real life personal experience and wisdom."

  • "Delighted to be consuming the wisdom of @Axiom_e's Ken Dickson as he demystifies entrepreneurial finance for us."

  • "It was very good to hear so much thoughtful wisdom from you this evening."

  • "Thank you Ken from Axiom-e... for a fantastic business planning course. Lots of take away points & fantastic value (free!)"

  • "Thank you very much for your time and enthusiastic, demystifying conversation [about business planning] this morning."


Axiom-e was engaged by NIAB Innovation Farm to run a series of free business courses  for SMEs in the East of England. As part of a total package of more than seven courses, we ran courses on:
  • Business Planning For Success
  • Financial Management for Early-stage Businesses
  • Securing Suitable Finance
  • Managing Business Growth
100% of attendees would recommend the courses.

Delegates' feedback included:
  • "Your explanations are so de-mystify finance" - Organiser following day of international on-line tutorials on
  • "Thank you so much for your guidance...I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel a lot more prepared and capable."
  • "I think the session today was very good."
  • "Thank you for your workshop yesterday which was very informative."
  • "Good course, well worth it."
  • " I will use the course to re-assess my business and to gain the focus and vision necessary."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed your course yesterday, your input helped me focus on where I need to grow my business."
  • "Your course next week is a must-do for my fledgling business."
  • "Your pre-session questionnaire focussed the mind."
  • "I learned that numbers can be interrogated much more usefully than I had realised"
  • "[The course has shown me] the importance of financial forecasts and how to calculate cash flows"
  • "Will you help me raise finance for my business?" - several delegates!
  • "Very well balanced course suitable for diverse businesses."
  • "I found Ken very engaging. His style is relaxed but very informative and knowledgeable. His notes and exercises helped me focus my mind on what to do."
  • "10 out of 5 for all aspects of the course!!!"
"Great course, thought-provoking. Thank you."



Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :